TAGs Configuration

While managing a customer interaction, a customer care agent will have the possibility to add TAGs to that conversation he is having with the customer to categorize it. Through this administrative section of Audite Cloud, you will be able to manage TAGs that will be available at organization level. In other words, all the TAGs that are configured here will be made available for your entire customer service team and can be added to a customer interaction, during its management, by customer care agents. .

Like other administrative sections of Audite Cloud, only users who have Administration access will be able to perform these configurations.

Main functionalities that will be available in this administrative section are the following:

  • Import TAG in a bulk way, filling a template that can be downloaded within the platform. After having filled it, the file can be imported to create TAGs in a bulk way. Indeed, as outcome of this action, all the TAGs defined into the file will be created in Audite Cloud and they will be available to the customer service team while managing a conversation

  • Define a new TAG in punctual way, clicking on Add Tag button. Once defined and created, the TAG will be available to be added to a customer interaction

  • Delete a TAG, if you want to make it unavailable for your customer service team. Deletion can be done, in correspondence of a specific TAG, clicking on Delete Tag button

TAGs the administrator will define in this management section will be available for the whole organization and can be used to mark a customer interaction coming from one of the available inbound channels. Actually, new TAGs can be also defined during interaction management process if the customer care agent has the proper role to do it (Administration access). Additional details about how to mark a conversation with a TAG during the interaction management process can be found here.

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