In April 2020, cloud-based mobile messaging app Telegram reported 400 million monthly active users worldwide, with the aim to reach one billion users by the end of 2022.

In particular, during the last year, due to change on Whatsapp privacy policy, 25 million new users joined Telegram only during a 72-hour surge in January 2021, that means about 8.33 million new signups per day. And more than 100 million new users started using Telegram in January, 2021. Indeed, in January 2021 alone,Telegram was the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide with more than 63 million installs.

With these numbers, of course must be taken into account the possibility to give your customers the chance to contact you through this digital channel.

The creation of a new Telegram Channel can be done in Channels Configuration > Telegram section of Audite Cloud. In order to make this inbound channel available, first of all it must be created a Telegram BOT and it must be connected to Audite Cloud. Following the sequence of the needed steps in order to configure a new Telegram channel into the platform:

  • Open Telegram (mobile or desktop version) and search for BotFather verified account

  • Start a conversation with this BOT typing /newbot command. This action will start the process to create a new Telegram BOT for your organization

  • Then, follow the instruction BOTFather is telling you. In particular give a name to your BOT

  • Together with the name, insert a unique username for it (it must be end in “bot”)

  • A congratulations message will be sent you. In particular, it will be communicated you an HTTP API Token that must be later used in order to connect your Telegram BOT with Audite Cloud

  • After the creation of Telegram BOT, in Channels Configuration > Telegram administrative section click on add New Telegram Channel

  • Insert

    • A friendly name for the web chat is creating in Friendly Name attribute

    • The HTTP API Token generated after the creation of the Telegram BOT in Token attribute

    • Is VA Enabled or Is VE Enabled flags in order to enable, respectively, the Virtual Assistant or the Virtual Expert to manage customer interactions.

  • In case your organization is configured to work with Microsoft Teams, you have to associate the inbound digital channel you are configuring with the Teams channel you want the customer interaction to be put when starting to collaborate with your colleagues. Indeed, using Audite Cloud in Microsoft Teams will give you the chance to share a customer interaction with your colleagues in order to manage it in an effective way. When the collaboration is started, the conversation will be put in the Teams channel you configured here. In order to relate the Audite Cloud channel with the Teams channel, you have to:

    • Sign in with the access credentials (username and password) you are using to access Microsoft Teams. In this way, Teams and related Channels configured in your Teams organization will be available for the selection in the next steps

    • Select the Team

    • Select a Channel , related to previously chosen team, where you want to actually put the conversation whenthe collaboration starts

  • Finally, in Telegram, start the BOT typing it the /start command. From this moment on, every customer interaction started with your Telegram BOT, will arrive in Audite Cloud

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