Audite Cloud aims to work alongside "traditional" customer service tools, i.e.mainly telephone calls integrated with IVR logic and e-mails, with the ambition to facilitate the evolution of current call centers towards a completely digital paradigm.

An analysis conducted on 3500 managers and customer service operators of companies around the world highlights how the use of digital channels to communicate with companies is a fundamental element for increasing customer satisfaction. Companies are well aware of this and are investing significant amounts of their budgets in digital transformation (2019 Salesforce State of Service Report).

With Audite Cloud, companies are able to transform any Social Messaging system into a powerful corporate communication system, providing customer service operators with advanced tools for customer support.

All customer interactions are centralized in a single point: in other words, all requests for support, requests for information, inquiries, complaints, coming from any digital channel that the service provider (e.g. Telco provider, Bank, Energy provider, etc) decides to make available to his customers, will be conveyed within the platform, regardless of the incoming channel. This has a double advantage:

  • For the service provider company, in terms of cost reduction and productivity increase. A call center operator can potentially handle multiple requests at the same time, not being physically engaged in a telephone conversation with the customer. Furthermore, with the aim and the ambition to make the service completely digital, the costs deriving from make free contact center numbers available to the customers will be cut out

  • For customers, who will see significantly reduced first response time and overall waiting time to get in touch with their service providers and for solving their issues. In addition, customers will be able to use the messaging applications they use on daily basis to communicate with their friends and family, to speak directly with their service providers. Indeed, the expectation that customers have with companies is to receive quick, effective and understandable answers, able to save them time, a resource that has now become increasingly precious.

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