Organization Settings

From this administrative section of the platform, some basic configurations about your organization can be performed. In particular:

  • Logo: possibility to upload your brand logo

  • Language: here can be configured both the primary language for your organization (e.g. Italian) and all the other additional languages that might be managed (e.g. English). If quick answers will be configured, they must be defined, at least, for the primary language defined for the organization.

  • Address: primary address for your organization

  • Company information: other demographic company information, e.g. name, tax number, e-mail address, etc

  • Outside of Working Hours: there will be the possibility to configure an automatic reply to be sent to your customers if their requests are coming outside the working days/working hours defined for your organization. The message specified here will be always sent outside the configured working days/working hours

  • Working Days: here can be defined the working week and the related working time for your organization. By default, working week is defined from Monday to Sunday, from 0 to 24 (i.e. all day long). You will be able, for each day, to define in a granular way the exact time slots when the customer service is available. For each day, more than one time slot might be created (e.g. from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 18).

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