Quick Answers

With Audite Cloud there will be the possibility, while managing customer interactions, to use pre-configured answers to quickly reply to customers inquiries.

Common answers (e.g. Welcome Messages) can be configured in the platform in order to be used by customer care agents, without the need to be manually written every time it is necessary during customers interactions management process.

Like other administrative sections of Audite Cloud, only users who have Administration access will be able to perform these configurations.

Each quick answer belongs to a main Category (e.g. Welcome Messages) and several quick answers might be related to it (e.g. Good Morning, how can we help you? Good evening, we are here to resolve your issue. How can we help you?). Categories are logical grouping of quick answers.

Then, first step in order to configure a quick response is to define the category quick answer belongs to. Clicking on Add Category button, a new quick answers category can be created: a category is specified in terms of name (Title attribute) and a description (Message attribute). In particular, Title will be the name of the group under which quick answers can found and used while managing customer interactions.

Category must be defined, at least, for the primary language defined for the organization (e.g. Italian) and, optionally, for all the other languages your organization is managing (e.g. English, French).

Once defined, a category can be either deleted or updated. Delete a category will have, as side effect, the deletion of all quick answers belonging to that category. Indeed, updating a category means basically change its title and description or make it inactive. If a category is marked as Inactive, all its related quick answers cannot be used by customer care agents while managing a customer interaction.

In correspondence of a specific category, can be defined a Quick Answer that will belong to that category. In order to add a quick response related to this category, click on Create Quick Answer button. Like categories, quick answers are defined in terms of Title and Message attributes. They have to be defined, at least, for the primary language defined for your organization and, optionally, a translation for all other available languages must be provided. In particular, Message attribute will actually contain the quick answer can be used by customer care agents while managing customers interactions. Into a quick response message there will be also the possibility to put dynamic variables in order, for example, to include the name of the customer. Variables must be included with the syntax {{variable}}, e.g. “Good morning {{FirstName}}, how can we help you?”. The list of dynamic variables that can be included in a quick answer is the following:

  • Address

  • Company

  • EmailAddress

  • FirstName

  • FullName

When a new quick response is created, it can be either modified or deleted with the same user experience a category can be updated or deleted. First step is to identify the quick response you want to delete or modify: then you can modify or delete it clicking on Modify Quick Answer or Delete Quick Answer buttons. Modify a quick response basically means possibility to update the message or make the answer inactive. Like categories, if the quick answer is marked as inactive, it might be later re-activated; deletion, instead, will be a physical one. Both the actions will have, as side effect, that the quick answer will be not available, for customer care agents, while managing a customer interacation. Difference is that an inactive quick answer might be later re-activated instead a deleted quick answer cannot be.

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