Setup Roles

In this section it will be described how to configure users roles to grant them access to specific sections of the platform and to enable them to work on a digital inbound channel

After having invited a user to join Audite Cloud, an additional mandatory configuration step that should be done in order to enable him to work is to configurare his roles.

In Audite Cloud a user has two kind of roles:

  • User roles: they define the application sections user will be able to access. Administration access will give the user the access to all the administrative sections of the platform where all the administrative tasks can be performed, i.e.

    Chat Center access and Dashboard access will give the user the access to the related sections of the application, i.e. respectively Chat Center/Social Center to manage customer interactions and Dashboard to grant access to the Analytics where to consult KPIs about your customer service team. By default, a user doesn't have any user role associated then don't forget to perform this configuration step otherwise he will not ble to work

  • Channel roles: they define on which channels users will be able to work. Acting on the channel roles, it will be possible to enable a user to work on a channel (e.g. Whatsapp) but not in another one (e.g. Facebook Messenger). Then, you can structure your customer service team in the way that some users will see only the customer interactions coming from some specific inbound digital channels. Indeed, disabling a user from one channel will prevent him to see all the customer interactions coming from that channel. In this way, customer service agents will see only the customer interactions that are relevant for them and they have to manage

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