If you ask your customers which idigital channel they would like to use to contact you, most probably the most popular reply would be Whatsapp.

Over the years, number of active users is constantly increasing and in Febraury, 2020 2 billion of active users has been reached (source: Whatsapp).

Like the other inbound digital channels you will be able to integrate in Audite Cloud, you will have the possibility to configure more than one Whatsapp channel to be associated to your organization. All the customer interactions coming through those channels, will have Audite Cloud has landing point and can be managed by customer care agents in a very easy and effective way. We are using Twilio as business partner for integrating Whatsapp in our platform.

Indeed, before you can connect WhatsApp through Twilio with Audite Cloud, you will have to purchase a phone number with Twilio and wait for their team to approve your WhatsApp account. This process takes one week on average. Below the needed step to setup Whatsapp via Twilio:

  • Create a free Twilio account

  • Get a Twilio phone number. After having created a Twilio account, you will have access to the Twilio Dashboard. All new accounts come with $15,50 of free credit you can use to buy phone numbers and test the platform. Click on Get a Trial Number in order to choose a Twilio phone number

  • After having clicked this button, Twilio suggests you a phone number to be used. If you are satisfied with this suggestion, you can proceed clicking on Choose this number button. Otherwise you will have the possibility to search for a different number (be sure that the chosen number is SMS-enabled)

  • After the number has been chosen, you can apply for Whatsapp access clicking on Programmable Messaging on the main menu and selecting Sender > WhatsApp Senders

  • Clicking on Sign up to request access, you will be requested to fill a form providing some information that are needed by Twilio in order to move forward with the approval process. Indeed, Twilio support team will contact you in few days in order to inform you about the outcome of the approval process

  • When the approval process ends and your account has been approved, navigating in Programmable Messaging > Sender > Whataspp Senders you will be able to create a sender, i.e. a Whatsapp account that is able to send and receive messages. Clicking on + button will be opened a profile information form that will allow you to create a Whataspp profile that will be visible to everyone will contact you through this channel. When you have filled out the required fields, click on Submit Request button at the bottom of the dialog box. This approval process may take several business days.

  • When your account has been finally approved, your Whatsapp number is ready to be integrated in Audite Cloud. In a dedicated administrative section of the platform (Channels Configuration > Whatsapp), a new Whatsapp number can be added clicking on Add new Whatsapp channel button, The information that needs to be provided in order to configure the Whataspp channel are:

    • A Friendly Name for the channel

    • Your Twilio User Account SID that you can find on your Twilio Dashboard

    • Your Twilio User Authorization Token that, like the Account SID, you can find on your Twilio Dashboard

    • The Whatsapp number associated to that channel in From field

    • Is VA Enabled or Is VE Enabled flags in order to enable, respectively, the Virtual Assistant or the Virtual Expert to manage customer interactions.

    • In case your organization is configured to work with Microsoft Teams, you have to associate the inbound digital channel you are configuring with the Teams channel you want the customer interaction to be put when starting to collaborate with your colleagues. Indeed, using Audite Cloud in Microsoft Teams will give you the chance to share a customer interaction with your colleagues in order to manage it in an effective way. When the collaboration is started, the conversation will be put in the Teams channel you configured here. In order to relate the Audite Cloud channel with the Teams channel, you have to:

      • Sign in with the access credentials (username and password) you are using to access Microsoft Teams. In this way, Teams and related Channels configured in your Teams organization will be available for the selection in the next steps

      • Select the Team

      • Select a Channel , related to previously chosen team, where you want to actually put the conversation whenthe collaboration starts

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