Customer Interactions

A customer interaction is a communication between a company and their customers. Nowadays, companies know very well that customer interactions do not end when a product or a service is sold. Selling a product or a service is just the starting point: indeed, interacting with their customers is an ongoing process for companies and customers are becoming more and more demanding when they contact customer service in order to get information, resolve an issue, make some modification to their services, etc.

Customers expect to contact their service providers through several channels and to get what they need as quickly as possible. Indeed, today customer interactions go far away beyond to call a contact center number or to write an e-mail: every channel, e.g. social media, live chat, etc a company decides to expose to their customers is an opportunity to get in touch with them. Companies need to identify the channels where their customers are active and to ensure their presence on those channels: this is a prerequisite for an effective customer experience strategy.

In addition, an effective customer experience strategy takes channel flexibility into account and ensures flexibility, for customers, to switch from a channel to another without losing the context of the previous customer interactions. Customers must have the freedom to switch between different channels without any hassles such as loss of information, or the need to repeat existing information

Moreover, with today’s exposure of a company through its social media channels (e.g. a Facebook or Twitter official accounts), giving to customers an appropriate experience is becoming crucial. Indeed, bad customer experience will be easily reflected in a bad brand reputation and it will let your customers go to your competitors. On the other hand, positive customer interactions, voiced on company’s official channels, could be easily result in new leads and opportunities your company may have.

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