As platform administrator, you will have the possibility to invite new users to join Audite Cloud. Below the needed steps to do this:

  • Go to Settings > Users section. Here you will have an overview about all the users recorded in Audite Cloud

  • Click on Invite User button

  • Insert all the needed information to invite a user, i.e.

    • The E-mail where the invitation will be sent

    • His First Name and Last Name

    • A Shortcode to be associated to that user. This is an optional information that, if inserted, might be used in order to apply routing rules for automatic customer interaction assignment

  • When the request will be submitted, an invitation e-mail will be sent to that user containing a password to be used for the first access to the platform. Directly in the e-mail the user, through the Go To application hyperlink, will be redirected to Audite Cloud. From this moment on, user’s credential will be active and can be used to access the platform

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