Key Performance Indicators

Dashboard > Analytics sub-section is actually where there will be the possibility to consult some reports that will allow a supervisor of the customer service team to have a picture about what it is happening in the customer service team. There will be some pre-defined filters, in terms of creation date of the conversation, based on which customer interactions will be filtered. These pre-defined filters are:

  • Last 24 Hours: conversations created in the last 24 hours, i.e. from the current timestamp until the previous 24 hours

  • Last week: conversations created in the last 7 days, i.e. from today to the previous 6 days back

  • Last month: conversations created in the last month, starting from today

  • Last year: conversations created in the last year, starting from today

  • Custom: there will be also the possibility to manually set a custom dates range, upon which conversations will be filtered

After having set the filtering criteria in terms of creation dates of the customer interactions, KPIs shown in the reports will rely on these filtered interactions. Below the full list of the reports that will be available:

  • Conversation by time: it shows the trend of the customer interactions, in terms of quantity, over the time. Scale on the x-axis will be automatically changed accordingly to the timeframe set as filter. For example, if it will be set Last 24 hours as filter, x-axis will be shown in hours; if Last Week will be chosen, x-axis will be shown in days, etc

  • Conversation by channel: this report shows how the customer interactions, filtered according to the selected timeframe, are split according to the inbound channel. Then, this report can be used to see which are the digital channels your customers are using the most to contact you

  • Conversation by user: the report shows how the customer interactions, filtered according to the selected timeframe, are distributed among the team. In particular, for each customer service agent, is shown the quantity of active (In Progress) and inactive (Closed) customer interactions. There will be also visibility about the quantity of unassigned customer interactions, i.e. interactions nobody is working on

  • Average resolution time (ART) by user: In this report is shown the average time taken by customer service agents to solve a customer interaction, i.e. to close a conversation with the customer. The closure time is calculated from the creation of the conversation until its closure. This KPI is helpful to understand how the agents are efficient in their work: if the average resolution time is increasing over time, it means that something is going wrong

  • Average First Response time (AFRT) by user: the report shows the average time taken by the agent to send the first response to a conversation initiated by a customer. Depending on the inbound channel, customers expect to receive a reply in a certain timeframe. For example, for live chat an AFRT less than 1 min might be considered good, for other channels might be set, as benchmark, a more extended AFRT

  • Word Cloud (most used tags): This report shows, in a visual way, the most used tags to mark a customer interaction, for the interactions filterd according to the chosen timeframe. It can be very helpful to have a visual picture about the reason why your customers are contacting you

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