Virtual Assistant

As well as a Virtual Expert, another possibility is to enable, at channel level, a Virtual Assistant (VA) designed for the organization to manage the customers interactions coming from that channel, on behalf of customer care agents. Virtual Assistants can be seen as an evolution of Virtual Experts: indeed VAs can be designed to recognize customers intents in order to perform specific and repetitive tasks, without the need to involve human operators that can be focused on more complex activities. Intents are categories or classifications of user intentions: an intent represents an action the user wants to perform.

Like the Virtual Expert, the Virtual Assistant can leverage on an underlying KB in order to manage customer interactions: unknown intents, i.e. customer intents that are not automatically recognized, might be managed, in the first place, by querying the KB and then, if it is necessary, might be handed off to human operators. Instead customer intents that are recognized can trigger automated business processes, e.g. book an appointment, schedule a meeting, tell the customer the details of an order he placed and its the shipping status, etc

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